By Great Big Sea

  1. Run Runaway
  2. Goin Up
  3. Fast As I Can
  4. Mari-Mac
  5. Dancing With Mrs. White #1
    Dancing With Mrs. White #2
  6. Something To It
  7. Buying Time
  8. Lukey
  9. The Old Black Rum
  10. The Chemical Worker’s Song (Process Man)
  11. Wave Over Wave
  12. Billy Peddle
  13. Nothing Out Of Nothing
  14. The Jolly Butcher
    Siege Of Ennis
  15. Rant And Roar

Three comments

Ah, pity that it’s just the song names listed here, as GBS tends to borrow liberally (and skillfully!) from instrumental trad. Their recording of "Lukey", for instance, has a copy of the Staten Island hornpipe (in G) squished in the middle; Billy Peddle is Soldier’s Joy (not in D, but I don’t know the key offhand).

Billy Peddle

I think "A Finnish Polka" is also a part of this set.

Not Billy Peddle

Wait, wait. I was wrong about that. I was just listening to some of their music and "A Finnish Polka" is actually part of the Fortune Set, not Billy Peddle - but BP has got a tune that sounds a little bit like it.