Starry Gazy Pie

By Nancy Kerr And James Fagan

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  14. Starry Gazy Pie

Two comments

Stargazey / Stargazy / Star Gazy / Starry-gazy Pie

Mark Hix’s, South-west England, wonderful rabbit & crayfish stargazy pie
~ minus the usual pilchards crayfish look out of this pie - - -
from the BBC 2 television programme ‘The Great British Menu’, 2007

"Stargazy pie is a Cornish dish made of baked pilchards (sardines) and 5 other kinds of fish covered with a pastry crust. The pilchards are arranged with their tails toward the center and their heads poking up through the crust around the edge, so that they appear to be gazing skyward."

"Star Gazy Pie is a dish unique to Mousehole (a fishing village in West Cornwall with a most beautiful harbour). Prepared in the Ship Inn, ate on 23rd December- Tom Bawcock’s Eve. Long ago Winter storms had prevented the fishing boats putting to sea. In a lull in the bad weather one of their number Tom Bawcock managed to catch enough fish to prevent the village from starving. A pie of many fishes was made from the catch -Star Gazy Pie."