The New Shoes

By Nuala Kennedy

  1. The Pink Flamingo
    Eight And Forty Sisters
    The Return Of The Whistles
  2. Cáit I nGarráin A Bhile
  3. Michael Gorman’s
    Nead Na Lochan
    Top The Candle
  4. Thane’s
    La Ride
    Hip Hop Bouree
  5. The Groves Of Donaghmore
  6. La-Bas Dans La Prairie
    La Valsounette
  7. Erin On The Rhine
  8. Co Ni Mire Ri Mairi? (Who’ll Dance With Mary)
    Rogha Inion De Brun (Miss Brown’s Fancy)
    Tar Suas Staighre Liom (Come Upstairs With Me)
  9. Francie Dearg’s Highland
    Siudaibh ’Illean
    Gabhaibh ’m Port
    Angus The Winemaker
    Ward Allen’s
  10. A Bhean Úd Thíos
  11. The Buddha’s Delight
    Seachdain Nan Deuchainn (Exam Week)
    El Paso
  12. Hidden

Ten comments

Superb new recording from Irish born but Scottish based flute player and singer, with Claire Mann, Marc Clement, Julian Sutton and Mhairi Hall.

I should have mentioned Nuala was formerly a member of the band Fine Friday

Me Too

Yeah I really liked this CD as well.

Very Very Good! I found it lovely!
I bought directly from Compass Record and is also unexpensive!
I particulary like the flutes duets parts!

The New Shoes.

I saw her live recently, which was amazing! Was a great night!
This is one of ma favourite albums at the moment!

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Wrong El Paso

The dots linked to this tune in track 11 are actually those of the ‘El Paso Waltz’ . THis the El Paso reel. It’s on the site, but here are dots anyway -

X: 1
T: El Paso
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Bmin
|:F2BF cFdF|eeed edBA|F2BF cFdF|[1 edBA BBBA:|[2 edBA B4||
|:F2BF cFdF|e(3eeed edBA|F2BF cFdF|[1 edBA B2BA:|[2 edBA B3e||
|:fBBf BBfB|g3f efgd|(3cBA eA f2ef|[1 g2gf efga:|[2 dBBA B3e||
|:fBBf BBfB|g3f efgd|(3cBA eA f2ef|[1 g2gf efga:|[2 dBBA B4||

Re: The New Shoes

I just edited the Michael Gorman’s (Track 3) link to go to tune 409 Coleman’s which also goes by the name Michael Gorman’s. This is the actual tune played, and a nice tune it is too. Must learn it.