Cold In April

By Mat Walklate

  1. The Narky Fiddler
    Listen To Ralph
  2. Andy’s Set
  3. P Stands For Paddy
  4. Cold In April
    Black Nab
  5. The Beauty Spot
    The Dublin Lasses
  6. Through The Door
    Out In The Bay
    The Loach Under The Bridge
  7. Come By The Hills
  8. Reel Of Bogie
    Money In Both Pockets
  9. O’Keefe’s
    The Skirmish
  10. Mother’s Delight Set
  11. Bass March
  12. Bhatiy Ali Dun
  13. The Pope’s Toe Set
  14. Snug In The Blanket
  15. The Water Bed
    Barnesmore Gap
  16. Walsh’s
    Merrily Kissed The Quaker

One comment

A new release by Walklate (flute, pipes, whistles, harmonicas, vocals, bansuri), with Paul Cowham (guitar), Vinnie Short (bodhran), Andrew Dinan (fiddle), Matt Fahey (vocals, guitar), Pat O’Reilly (bouzouki), Paul Bradley (guitar), Ben Walker (bass flute, cittern, pipes), Tony Trundle (fiddle) and Steafan Hannigan (percussion).