Traditional Irish Music

By James Kelly

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James Kelly’s Traditional Irish Music

Marvelous album. James shows why he is well known
and well loved in the ITM community. If you want to hear
an irish air played by a master, listen to track #9. That
will show you how a tune can be ‘easy’ (as far as the actual
notes go), and yet impossible to play (at least by one such
as myself). The second track is a set of tunes *composed*
by James, I love the first tune, “Dark Corners” and have
finally nailed down the dots (which I will post in a bit).
The first tune in track #7, which James calls "The Gift
from the Fairies", is the same tune that Paddy Glakin
calls “The Fairy Jig” and plays on the “In Full Spate”
album. It is quite interesting to hear the differences
and similarties between their interpretations of the tune.

The Third reel in “London Set” (Track 10) is “The Torn Jacket”

Does anyone have any information on the third tune of the second track, ‘The King’s Inn’? Perhaps it’s one of James’ own compositions?

James Kelly

It says above: “ The second track is a set of tunes composed by James…”

You’re right Nigel, somehow I missed that. Thanks.


You’re quite correct, Rosemarie. The album cover shown above is for the CD release of this album by John and James Kelly, not James Kelly’s solo album. Jeremy can remove it if brought to his attention.