King Of The Button Box

By Jimmy Shand

  1. The Dashing White Sergeant
    White Sergeant
  2. Loch Lomond
    Ca’ The Yowes To The Knowes
    Westering Home
  3. Campbell’s Frolic
    Lord Cathcart
    Monkridge Lassies
  4. Dalkeith’s
    Colonel Byng’s Favourite
    Miss Betsey Robertson
  5. The Veleta
  6. Miss Cahoon’s
    Miss Rae Of Eskgrove
    Alyth Burn
  7. The Duke Of Gordon
  8. Peggy O’Neil
    Till We Meet Again
    Wyoming Lullaby
  9. Corn Rigs
    Old Bog Hole
    The Punch Bowl
  10. Gay Gordons
    Australian Ladies
    74th Highlanders
  11. The Bridge Of Nairn
    Tom’s Highland Fling
    Cameron’s Got His Wife Again
  12. The Auld Hoose
    Rothesay Bay : Bonnie Gallowa’
    Braes Aboon Bonawe
  13. Primrose
  14. Looking For A Partner
  15. Snow In Summer
  16. Mrs. David Gordon Of Haddo
    Miss Alice S.R. MacLennan
    Jeanie’s Blue E’en
    Meldrum House
  17. Queen Mary
  18. De’il Amang The Tailors
    Lucky Scaup
    The Mason’s Apron
  19. The Dundee Military Tattoo
    The 25th’s Farewell To Meerut
  20. St. Bernard’s
    Gan Ainm
    St. Bernard’s
  21. Dovecote Park
  22. Lord Lyndoch
    The Duke Of Gordon
    Laird O’ Thrums
    Lady Ann Hope
  23. Twa Bonnie Maidens
    Lass O’ Patie’s Mill
  24. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
    Won’t You Buy My Pretty Flowers
  25. Middling Thank You
    The Banks O’ The Allan
    The Drunken Parson
  26. Peggy’s Love
    Kirrie Kebbuck
  27. Peggie’s Wedding
    Drummond Castle
    Elizabeth Adair
  28. Hesitation
    Gan Ainm
  29. Dashing White Sergeant
    My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet
    The Rose Tree
  30. Grant’s Reel
    Mrs. Douglas Of Springwood Park
    Lady Lucy Ramsay
  31. Doonaree
  32. Donnybrook Boy
    Biddy From Sligo
    The Irish Washerwoman
  33. Maggie And Jock
  34. Miss Drummond Of Perth
    Braes Of Tullimet
    Miss Drummond Of Grantully
    Captain Campbell
  35. Mr. Muir MacKenzie’s Favourite
    Crow Hillock
    Fiddler’s Joy
  36. The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen

Five comments

“King of the Button Box: Jimmy Shand”

SDP03 (two CDs) ~

From the notes ~

We frequently hear from Scots music lovers that they find it increasingly difficult to locate quality CDs of recordings made by the great Scottish accordionist, Jimmy Shand. ‘King of the Button Box’ is a double CD of tracks recorded by our most popular accordionist during his golden period of 1945 to 1956. There are 18 tracks on each CD all originally released by EMI’s prestigious Parlophone label. A splendid opportunity to enhance your collection of recorded performances by the legendary Jimmy Shand.

Jimmy Shand’s preferred instrument was a Hohner Morino developed by himself and Venancio Morino, the then chief accordion designer at the famous Hohner works in Germany - a box best known to all as ‘The Shand Morino’. (not the illustration shown)

Legal Note: ‘JIMMY SHAND’ is a registered trade mark used to brand a particular range of merchandise. This compilation of quality recordings made by the celebrated accordionist Jimmy Shand and originally released on EMI’s prestigious Parlophone label has no connection whatsoever with ‘JIMMY SHAND’ trade marked products.

“King of the Button Box: Jimmy Shand” ~ a problem of ‘quality’

It is curious that the people who amassed this particular collection keep repeating that these are quality recordings. There is a problem with that claim. Yes, the recordings are OK, as far as being Jimmy Shand and clean rather than scratchy and along the lines of old 78s… But, as far as the CDs and the processing that went on there ~

No! ~ this is not a quality production ~ cheaply printed, the inserts and on the CDs, which is OK, I could live with that, however, the CDs are your very cheap variety, the kind you purchase for your computer and burn off things on yourself. That is not the usual for commercially produced recordings. The commercial CDs tend to last longer, while those cheap CDs and the burner technology most of us have with our computers, is not so robust. This was a cheap burn, and that is unfortunate and in my books inexcusable. Maybe the bought a load of CD burners and stacked them to do a production run, but I really expect something more professional than a computer CD burn.

Yes, I’m glad for the listen, but if I had known that this was the way they’d produced this I probably wouldn’t have purchased it and would have chosen something else.

I have known this type of production, having done it on my own computer, to deteriorate in time and to even become unaccessible… So, you have been warned where I wasn’t…

Buyer beware…but it is a good listen if you are fond of Jimmy Shand’s music…

For those that might remember the days of tape, you might compare this as being the ‘ferric oxide’ to ‘chrome oxide’, the latter was the better quality…

Re: King Of The Button Box

My favorite track on this compilation is track 30. There are actually three tunes rather than two. Mrs. Douglas of Springwood Park (or Cropie’s Strathspey) is the second and I believe Lady Lucy Ramsay is the third. I saw somewhere that the first was listed as an “intro” and the name of the set is Grant’s Reel, so I’m presuming that that is also the name of the first tune on here.
All strathspeys, despite the name.