Another Feast Of Irish Folk

By Various Artists

  1. Snowy-Breasted Pearl
  2. The Green Fields Of France
  3. The Boys Of Fairhill
  4. Seven Drunken Nights
  5. Pretty Peg
    Craig’s Pipes
  6. Shipyard Slips
  7. Johhny Cope (s0ng)
    Johnny Cope
  8. Weila Weila Waile
  9. The Rare Oul’ Times
  10. Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down, Con Shine?
  11. Glenbeigh
    The Mountain Lark
    The Musical Priest
  12. Tipping It Up To Nancy
  13. The Kid On The Mountain
    An Phis Fhiliuch
  14. The Boys Of Killybegs
  15. Thios Chois Na Tra Domh
  16. Lanigan’s Ball

Two comments

Another Feast of Irish Folk

I found this 1980 LP in a second-hand shop the other day. It is a successor to a another LP by Polydor published in 1977 called "A Feast of Irish Folk", which was a best-seller in Europe and the U.S.A.

The Artists performing on the tracks are,

1 Snowy Breasted Pearl (Wolfe Tones)
2 The Green Fields Of France (The Fuery Bros. & Davy Arthur)
3 The Boys Of Fairhill (Jimmy Crowley)
4 Seven Drunken Nights (The Dubliners)
5 Pretty Peg/Craig’s Pipes (The Bothy Band)
6 Shipyard Slips (The Fuery Bros. & Davy Arthur)
7 Johhny Cope Song and Hornpipe (Planxty)
8 Weila Weila Waile (The Dubliners)
9 The Rare Oul Times (Danny Doyle)
10 Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down Con Shine (Jimmy Crowley & Stokers Lodge)
11 Glenbeigh Hornpipe/The Mountain Lark/The Musical Priest (De Danaan)
12 Tipping It Up To Nancy (Christy Moore)
13 The Kid On The Mountain/An Phis Fhiliuch (Planxty)
14 The Boys Of Killybegs (Tommy Makem)
15 Thios Chois Na Tra Domh (Clannad)
16 Lanigan’s Ball (The Bards)

Published 1980 by Polydor LP 2904 016 MC 3163 116

The spelling on some track titles is slightly idiosyncratic, but I’ll make the necessary amendments to the details of any of the tunes appearing in the Tunes section.

BTW, I rather like the witty performance of "Lanigan’s Ball", live by The Bards.