Traditionally Yours

By Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald

  1. George I. Taylor
    Marquis Of Huntley
    Colonel McBain’s
  2. Poppy Leaf
    Beautiful Swanee River
  3. Champion
    Lady Menzie
  4. Plains Of Boyle
    Lord Gordon
  5. Alex R. Finley
    Mrs. Dundas Of Arniston
  6. Ferry Bridge Clog
  7. MacNabb’s
    The Farmer’s Daughter
  8. Gan Ainm Polkie
    Gan Ainm March
  9. Iona Melody
    Mrs. Wallace
    Red Shoes
  10. Canty Jeanie
    Miss Lexie Smith
    The Arthur Seat
  11. Canty Old Man
    Garçon Volage
  12. The Lass O’ Corrie Mill
    Fisher’s Wedding
    Perth Assembly
  13. Miss Hutton
    The Braes Of Tullymet
    Miss Johnson Of Pitworth
  14. Crawford Street
    Janet Beaton
  15. The Fire Fly
    The Horn
  16. The Haggis
    Cabar Feidh
  17. James F. Dickie’s
    J. Scott Skinner
    Mrs. E. MacLeod
  18. The Wizard Clog
  19. The Mill Of Newe
    Mrs. J. Forbes
  20. The Old Dutch Churn
    Cape North
  21. Welcome To Your Feet
    Bonnie Lass Of Fisherow
    Bird’s Nest
  22. Spring Bank House
  23. Cape Wrath
    Janet Beaton
  24. Tom MacCormack

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“Traditionally Yours: Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald”

The “Canadian Country Classics” Series
Rodeo International / Holborne Distributing Co., Ltd.

Anything by Winston is worth having in your collection, this CD included…

From the CD’s insert:

Winston (Scotty) Fitzgerald was born February 16, 1915 in a small village called White Point, Cape Breton Island. At the early age of eight he took he took great interest in the violin and in later years he formed his own band and has become one of the greatest Scottish violinists of all time. He has been an inspiration for many Cape Breton fiddlers, such as Elmer Briand and more recently Ashley MacIssac.