By Slide

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Slide’s new CD - great tunes, great singer, the only thing I’m not so fond of are the songs which could have a bit more ‘character’.

Characterless songs

I agree. Great group- lovely tunes, great energy, flawless technique. But it seems as if every group now has to have a singer. Is it just to make the guitar player happy? To appeal to a bar-room crowd that loves singing? To offer respite from the driving rhythms?
Whatever, for me the meat is the music and the songs strike me as so much self-indulgence.

This is the worst cd i’ve bought in a long time-the last two cd’s were excellent- if they replaced the singer witha full sets of jigs then it might stand a chance-imagine a trad cd with no sets of jigs?????

one of the best cds of the last year, a top nocht group that really shocks me. I like the singer but i rather prefer Mick singing.