By Slide

  1. The Humours Of Mountcollins
    The One That Was Lost
    Johnny Leary’s
    The Brosna
  2. See Thru Blue
  3. Pádraig O’Keefe’s (Polka)
    The Humours Of Ballycullen
    Cutting Bracken (Polka)
  4. Overneath The Moon
  5. Just So Far Away
  6. Tredudon
    The J.B.
    Paddy Kelly’s
  7. The King Of Kilrickle
    An Muileann Mór
  8. Shooting Star
  9. Poor Liza Jane
    Dance Boatman Dance
  10. Martin’s Grove
    Carmel O’Mahoney Mulhaire’s
    Black Pat’s
    Follow Me Up
  11. Strut To Spanish Point

Four comments

Slide’s new CD - great tunes, great singer, the only thing I’m not so fond of are the songs which could have a bit more ‘character’.

Characterless songs

I agree. Great group- lovely tunes, great energy, flawless technique. But it seems as if every group now has to have a singer. Is it just to make the guitar player happy? To appeal to a bar-room crowd that loves singing? To offer respite from the driving rhythms?
Whatever, for me the meat is the music and the songs strike me as so much self-indulgence.

This is the worst cd i’ve bought in a long time-the last two cd’s were excellent- if they replaced the singer witha full sets of jigs then it might stand a chance-imagine a trad cd with no sets of jigs?????

one of the best cds of the last year, a top nocht group that really shocks me. I like the singer but i rather prefer Mick singing.