By Todd Denman And Aniar

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  1. Donnybrook Fair
    The Drops Of Brandy
    The Black Rogue
  2. The Lads Of Laoise
    The New Bush
  3. The Bay Of Biscaye
  4. March 6
    The Oak Tree
  5. Con Cassidy’s
    The Foxhunter
    To Limerick We Will Go
  6. Mal Bhan Ni Chuilleannain
  7. Elizabeth Kelly’s
    Gan Ainm
  8. A Donegal
    Rakish Paddy
  9. Sail Round The Rocks
    Gan Ainm
    Jimmy Ward’s Favourite
  10. Bring Her To The Shelter
    The Rising Head
  11. Soulstice Air
  12. Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
    Martin Wynne’s No. 2

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From the website:

TODD DENMAN, uilleann pipes, whistles
TINA LECH, fiddle
EAMONN FLYNN, organ, piano
and guests:
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, flute, vocals
Patrick Sky, bouzouki
Dan Robbins, bass

Nice arrangments of traditional music, with a Hammond B-3 organ thrown in for good measure!

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I’m *desperate* to know the last tune in the first set after "Drops of Brandy" – anybody??

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??? Why The Capitalization???

SETS!? ~ you could have at least given the number of tunes in the sets, for example ~

gan ainm / gan ainm / gan ainm
(or ‘unknown’ as you’ve used previously)

This would have allowed the actual names to be edited in later and the links made to those on site…

It is too late for that now, but maybe with any future contribution you would offer that consideration… All you have to do is listen to the track to figure out the number of tunes, or buy the CD and read the notes that come with it… 😏

Sorry C – I’d seen it done before and figured they would stand in place of the tunes once they’d been identified.

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It is one of the quirks here, if you don’t make a place for it you won’t be able to add it into the ‘Details’ for the recording later… But, I suppose you could do that in the comments, but the recording won’t show up as a link under the tune…

Having some familiarity with some of the people involved I suspect the insert for the CD would have given all the specifics for the ‘SETS’…

"The New Bush" is "The Old Bush," but played in Dmajor instead of Dmix.

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