By Maire Ni Chathasaigh And Chris Newman

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  1. Pheasant Feathers
  2. The Triplet
  3. Bright Falls The Air
  4. Pé In Éirinn Í (Whoe’er She Be)
  5. John Potts’
  6. Molly St George
  7. Big Sciota
  8. An Buachaillín Bán (The Fair-haired Boy)
  9. The Lost Summer
  10. Bruach Na Carraige Báine (The Brink Of The White Rock)
  11. Ginny’s
  12. Slides
  13. Reel For A Water Diviner

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Released February 2007.

It got some great reviews!

“Dazzling virtuosity… The speed and complexity of Newman’s guitar-playing is to be marvelled at… exquisitely delivered songs… delightful” - The Daily Telegraph, 3 February 2007

"When it comes to virtuoso work on this ancient and delicate
instrument, Maire Ni Chathasaigh is in a class of her own"
- The Guardian, 26 January 2007

“An eclecticism and spirit of adventure that is quite thrilling… Virtuoso playing… bewitching string fantasies and a wonderfully clear and expressive voice" - The Times, 27 January 2007

**** “Takes one of the most effete instruments in traditional music by the scruff of the neck and breathes a fire into its belly… Straddles traditions with grace and just a tincture of danger” The Irish Times, 14 April 2007

"50 minutes of sparkling, seemingly effortless music which is of course the product of decades of hard work… Sheer class throughout" fRoots, March 2007

**** "Brilliant, innovative harping and guitar-playing of astonishing virtuosity and versatility" Songlines, March/April 2007

“Exhilarating versatility and inventiveness… Harping with a flair and gusto that give everything Máire does an impressively contemporary feel… sublime guitar work… An album epic in scope: real magic" - Rock ‘n’ Reel, March 2007

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