Sweeney’s Dream

By Kevin Burke

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Kind of odd that there are no comments on this one yet, it was posted four years ago 🙂 I just ordered this CD and I’m very happy with it. Great tunes! It seems like the fiddle is in E-flat tuning for some of the tracks. Either that or my CD player is acting up again 🙂

Track 16: “The Killarney Wonder Schottische” / “Finnea Lasses” ~

1st tune: “The Killarney Wonder” (Highland Schottische / Highland Fling)
Key signature: A Major
Submitted on March 25th 2004 by Mad Baloney.

2nd tune: “The Finnea Lasses” (Highland Schottische / Highland Fling)
Key signature: A Dorian
Submitted on October 11th 2002 by lazyhound.

Not on this recording is ~

“Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth” / “Calum Crùbach” / “Gurren Castle”
(Strathspey / Highland Schottische / Highland Fling)
Key signature: A Mixolydian
Submitted on March 31st 2003 by gian marco.

“The Killarney Wonder Schottische” / “Farrel O’Gara’s Schottische”

Key signature: A Major
Submitted on October 8th 2002 by lazyhound.

~ closer to how Kevin Burke takes it…

Track 16: The Macroom Lasses

The first tune on track 16 is ‘The Macroom Lasses’ as played by Séamus Creagh & Jackie Daly on their eponymous album.

Kevin Burke and The Delaware Water Gap

I bought this record decades ago and it’s stayed with me for the past 40 years. Kevin Burke’s early-on LP – 1977, Folkways. The backing musicians were members of the American group, The Delaware Water Gap String Band. Henry Saposnik plays beautiful frailing five-string banjo on The Mason’s Apron and on a few other tunes: The Bunch of Keys, The Girl That Broke My Heart, George White’s Favourite, Coleman’s Cross. He also plays beautiful autoharp on Tuttles. Again, it’s not what you have but what you do with it that matters. It’s the bodhran in the mix that’s horrible (but seldom, to be fair) on this record but the record is beautiful none the less.
It’s very worth having.


Re: Sweeney’s Dream

There is an extra track on the cassette tape produced by “Ossian Publications” of Cork in 1989 - see below :

Thanks to “BrownAleMugger” for identifying it as Ed Reavy’s reel “Brefni O’Reilly”.

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