By Carlos Plumley And Mike Herr

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The Manifesto

I am including notes from the liner:
We don’t pretend to be traditional Irish Musicians or claim any genetic connection to the music’s past, but knowing the music survived a time when it was prohibited makes it even more appealing to us.
Every tune has a spirit of its own and provides us with a full spectrum of emotions, from the happiest of the happy to the saddest of the sad. The mood of the music doesn’t necessarily flow from the temper of the musician. Often we are surprised at the message a tune delivers. The joy provided by the tunes is magnified by finding the right person to play them with: playing them for others only enhances that joy.
The instruments, which also have souls of their own, have been known to contribute more to a tune than the musicians. The instruments sometimes allow us to play beyond our abilities and other times won’t let us play at all. However, they do expect an introduction.

Autoharp (Fladmark or Orthey),fiddle(1995 copy of Brett’s Strad by Harold Hayslett),mandolin (Gibson 1922 A-2), and bodhran.