By Lori Watson

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  1. Little Robin
    The Treaty
  2. Maggie
    Border Gaitherin
  3. Knit The Pocky
    Danish Tune
    Kas Ha Bas
    Bransle D’Ecosse
  4. Lassie
  5. Auld Graden Kirn
    Lasses O Hawick
    Lowlands Of Scotland
  6. Merl
  7. Mr James Boswell’s
    Rule Of Three
    Ursus, Philosopher
    Summer On The Tweed
  8. Riddles
  9. Capon Tree
    The Physicist
    Hot Trod
  10. Healths
  11. Dreamer (air)

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Released October 2006, half tunes, half songs.

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