Cairde Cairdín

By Diarmuid O’Brien

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Lovely playing. The CD has an accompanying booklet about West Limerick traditional music and musicians.

Accompanying players

Derek Hickey - Accordion
Dónal Murphy - Accordion
Dan Brouder - Accordion
Mick Mulcahy - Accordion
Donie Nolan - Accordion
Pa Foley - Accordion
Gerard Culhane - Accordion
Domhnall De Barra - Accordion
Willie Larkin - Accordion
Brian McGrath - Piano
Jerry Macnamara - Bouzouki, Guitar

The album is called Diarmuid O’Brien - Cairde Cairdín and is my first. It is fiddle and accordion duets from west Limerick. I’m performing on the fiddle with each of nine accordion players from the west Limerick area that I grew up playing with. The album is dedicated to Martin Mulvihill RIP as he was the bigest influence in my music. The album contains many of his compositions and many other tunes only common to the West Limerick area.

There’s more info at, where you can download some free sound clips

The information above was copied from Diarmuid’s CD cover.

John Egan’s

As far as I can tell this is a nice setting of the old favourite: "Drag her round the roads"

Martin Mulvihill’s Polka

I found a version called Jim Keeffe’s which matches none of the Jim Keefe’s on this site. sigh.

T:Martin Mulvihill’s Polka
dc/d/ ed|cA A2|dc/d/ ef|g2 fe|dc/d/ ed|cA Ae|f/g/a ec|1 d2 dA:|2 d2 de||
|: f>e fd|g>f ge|f>e fa|ge ce|\f>e fd|g>f ge|f/g/a ec|1 d2 de:|2 d2 dA||

Track 4

First tune is not "Cock Your Pistol Charlie" (which is a slide not a polka) but is in fact one the Ballydesmond polkas:

Tam Gan Airgid

Does anyone have a setting for this tune?
Also, stunningly gorgeous fiddling. I thought it might be James Cullinane…More!