Seisiún Na H-Éireann 2006 Festival CD

By Various Artists

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  1. John Egan’s
    John Watt Henry’s
    Handsome Sally’s
  2. The Lowlands Of Holland
  3. The Boys Of The Town Set
  4. Return To Chernobyl
    Crooked Road To Dublin
    Gan Ainm
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  5. Tommy Whelan’s
    Tony O’Sullivan’s Butler
    Stan Chapman’s
    Cape Breton
  6. Mo Ghoile Mear
  7. Trip To Athlone
    John Naughton’s
    The Cup Of Tea
    Cregg’s Pipes
  8. Star Of The County Down
    Lads Of Laoise
  9. Splendid Isolation
    The Cup Of Tea
    Farewell To Eireann
    The Boys Of Malin
    Pachelbel’s Canon
  10. The Belle Of The Ball
    Damp In The Attic
    Jim Donoghue’s
    Corofin Departure
    Pat Joe Moroney’s Favourite
  11. Joy Of The Isles
  12. Filly’s Favourite
    Trip To Kilkenny
    Liz’s Fancy
  13. Tigh Coili Encore
  14. Say You Love Me
    Sonny McDonagh’s

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Seisiún na h-Éireann 2006 Festival CD

Mixed compilation including songs, reels, jigs & barndances featuring the finalists in competition for best of traditional session music in 2006. 50 musicians in total.
All proceeds from CD sales go into running the festival.
For more information see

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Many of the tunes listed on this recording would link to the "Tunes" section if you were to include the apostrophes - eg John Egan’s, Tommy Whelan’s . It’s also best to include the listing of "who plays what" in the comments section. You can edit this yourself, EHassatt.

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Re: Seisiún Na H-Éireann 2006 Festival CD

Dead link in the first post.

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