A Tribute To Dan R. MacDonald: The Heather Hill Collection

By Various Artists

  1. The Memel
  2. Walker’s Cove
    Peggy’s Mountain
  3. Shepherd O’ The Hills
    Shepherd O’ The Hills
  4. Balogie’s
  5. Campbell’s Road
    Jessie O’Hendley MacDonald
    The Picnic
  6. Harry Harper
    Miss Agnes Campbell
    Doctor’s Brook
  7. The Hills Of Caladonia
    Hugh Jim Paul’s
    West Vernor
    Kelvin Glenn
  8. Walker Road
    Judique Hall
  9. The Afton
    Kelly’s Mountain
    North River
  10. Herbie MacLeod’s
    The Skidoo
    The Daylight
  11. River Centre
  12. Miss Eleanor Stewart
  13. Early Morning
    Joey Beaton
  14. Mrs. Gordon Ladd
  15. Mull River
    Crandall Road
  16. Harwood’s
  17. Scotland’s Bonny Hills
    The Swivel
    Bonar Bridge
  18. Moxham’s Castle
    Mrs. Augusta Murphy
  19. Mrs. Ann MacNeil
    Mr. Bernie MacNeil
  20. Malcolm MacLeod
    The Elmwood
    Paddy The Barber
  21. Brookside
    The Whirling Brook
  22. Sylvia O’Neill
    The Tudor House
  23. Hugh Douglas
    The Norton
    Castle Hill
  24. The Newfoundland
    Kildonan Hall
  25. Glenora
  26. Trip To Dudy’s
    Miss Smith’s
  27. The Wizard
    Scotty LeBlanc
  28. The Glen
    Miss Helen Glar’s
  29. The Loch Lane
  30. The Festival
    Sandy Boyd’s Pipe
  31. Jerry Holland’s
    The Little Bird
  32. Charles MacKinnon
  33. The Mull River
    Moxham Castle
  34. Kinnon Beaton’s
    Glencoe Hall
    Miss Rita Maureen Rankin
  35. Mr. Donald A. Beaton
  36. Strathlorne

Four comments

"A Tribute to Dan R. MacDonald:

22 Musicians Play Tunes from the Heather Hill Collection"


Both this and the following printed collections of the compositions of Dan R. MacDonald are the laudable recording and publishing work of Paul Steward Cranford:

"The Heather Hill Collection: Fiddle Music of Dan R. MacDonald" (Volume 1)
compiled by John Donald Cameron

"Over 200 Fiddle tunes from Cape Breton’s most famous and prolific composer. In his lifetime (1912-76) Dan R. reputedly composed over 1000 tunes. Many of his tunes are played in the currently Cape Breton repertoire … dozens of which are found in this book."

"The Trip to Windsor Collection: The Music of Dan R. MacDonald, Volume 2"
compiled 1994 by John Donald Cameron

"233 Fiddle tunes from Cape Breton’s most famous and prolific composer. In his lifetime (1912-76) Dan R. composed over 1000 tunes. Hundreds of his tunes are currently in the Cape Breton repertoire and many are circulating by musicians who don’t realize they are playing his tunes."

"A Tribute to Dan R. MacDonald" ~ get it while they last!!!

Paul Cranford is clearing out his cassettes for a steal, and he has some treasures. Get them while you can. All are highly recommended. I liked this particular one so much I kept giving it away. I’ve only now just replaced it after years without it. You won’t find such a collection of fine Cape Breton fiddlers, 22, together in one recording like this, dedicated to a highly respected island composer, at least at the moment one isn’t coming to my mind…

There is other motivation for this, one of those fine fiddlers is fighting for his life, and one of Dan R.’s tunes is dedicated to that fiddler and played by him on this cassette ~ Jerry Holland plays "Jerry Holland’s"…

While the sound levels are variable, all those different ways with the bow, the music is inspirational…

"A Tribute to Dan R. MacDonald: 22 Musicians Play Tunes from the Heather Hill Collection"

& the artists and others involved are ~
tracks & fiddler ~

Side 1:

1 - 3.) Alex Francis MacKay

4.) Natalie MacMaster

5.) Hector MacKenzie

6 - 9.) David Greenberg

10.) Lucy MacNeil

11.) Shawn MacDonald

12.) Courtney MacPherson

13 - 16.) Carl MacKenzie

17.) Wilfred Prosper

18.) Raymond Ellis

Side 2:

19 - 21.) Kyle MacNeil

22.) John Neil MacLean

23 - 24.) Buddy MacMaster

25.) Dan Joe MacInnis

26.) Dwayne Coté

27.) Lloyd MacDonald

28.) Gordon Coté

29.) Elmer Briand

30.) Paul Cranford

31 - 32.) Jerry Holland

33 - 35.) Kinnon Beaton

36.) Wilfred Gillis

Produced and recorded by:
Paul Stewart Cranford & Paul M. MacDonald
Mastering by: Phil Kasouf

Thanks to: John Donald Cameron, Ronald Caplan, Carol Kennedy, Alex Francis MacKay, Hector MacKenzie, Gordon MacLean, Doug MacPhee, John Morrison, Bonnie Thompson.

"This tribute to Dan R. MacDonald should be considered a work-in-progress. For the musicians involved, this project was both a challenge and a chance to hear how several different players approach the work of a single Cape Breton composer."

"A Tribute to Dan R. MacDonald" ~ beautifully raw fiddle

Except for track 12, all else is bare naked fiddling ~

12.) Courtney MacPherson ~ of Sydney, Cape Breton Island
on the GHB, Great Highland Bagpipes