Riverdance And Other Famous Irish Songs And Dances

By Various Artists

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Tracks 6,7,8,10,14 and 17 are by "Cran" from their 1st CD "The Crooked Stair".
Some of the others are from Brendan Larrisey’s CD, which was on the same label.
This CD turns up regularly on ebay, and usually sells very cheaply. Forget the "Riverdance stuff - it’s worth it for the "Cran" tracks alone.

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Ohhh… Thanks, I was wondering where all that came from. I love the Riverdance stuff but my favorite track is track 6, the set with Spindle Shanks.

That ain’t "Spindleshanks". It’s been known as "Mulqueen’s" for over 40 years, but I believe is in one of the O’Neill’s as "Free And Easy".

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