Solar Shears

By Shooglenifty

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  1. The Hijab
  2. Schuman’s Leap
  3. Igor’s
  4. August
  5. Delighted
  6. Maggie Ann Of Clachnabrochan
  7. Rod’s Doorway
    The Rosehall Strap
  8. 29 Steps
  9. Kinky Haroosh
  10. The Baker From Foz
    Bjork’s Chauffeur

Five comments

This came out in 2001 I don’t know why it wasn’t posted yet. This is their fourth album.

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Maybe because it’s got nothing at all to do with traditional Irish music ?

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Or not even with Scots folk music?

or good music?

Funny. All these comments come from totally different parts of the world.