By Abisko

  1. The Mooncoin
  2. Scottish, Morfa’r Frenhines
  3. Deux Polskas
  4. Polska After Björn
  5. Marche De Noces
  6. Hargaloten
  7. The Butterfly
  8. Samhradh
  9. Lugum Leik I Hallingtakt
  10. Mr O’Connor
  11. The Top Of Maol
  12. A Nighean Nan Geug
  13. The Man Of The House
  14. The Crooked Road
    The Glass Of Beer
  15. Sonny Brogan’s
    Paddy Fahy’s
    The Orphan
  16. Citi Na gCumann

Three comments

rec. c1990?
From 5 musicians based in France incl. Iranian? Chemirani and Irish? Diarmuid Johnson.
Incl. Harp, nyckelharpa, etc.
A mixture of Scandinavian, Welsh, Irish, etc tunes delivered in a gentle (more soft-spoken than polite) but often pleasing way.
‘midwinter reverie’ describes it best perhaps.

…that’s for the Nordic picnic, all cinnamon and dill, the Irish flute tunes add a stronger clove-flavoured punch to that.