The Iron Behind The Velvet

By Christy Moore

  1. Patrick Was a Gentleman
  2. The Sun Is Burning
  3. Morrisey and the Russian Sailor
  4. The Foxy Devil
  5. The Newly Mowed Meadow
    Farrell O’Gara’s
    The Old High
  6. Trip to Jerusalem
    The Mullingar Races
    The Crooked Road
  7. Tommy Coen’s
    The Youngest Daughter
    The Flax in Bloom
  8. Patrick’s Arrival
  9. The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
    Gilbert Clancy’s
  10. Dunlavin Green
  11. Joe McCann
  12. John O’Dreams

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The Iron Behind the Velvet

The second “solo” album from Christy Moore released in 1978. It’s not just Christy though. Other musicians are:

Noel Hill, Tony Linnane, Gabriel McKeon, Andy Irvine, Barry Moore, Jimmy Faulkner and Rosemary Flanagan.

There is a nice selection of music on this album with some great tunes by all Noel, Tony and Gay.

Track 9

It goes under the collective title of “Gabriel McKeon’s” and it is McKeon playing an air and reel solo on the pipes.

I’d say it was his 3rd, Paddy, after “Prosperous” and “Whatever Tickles Your Fancy”, but I could be wrong about that. Certainly I think it’s his best, not much wonder considering the accompanying musicians. If you edit “Newly Mown Meadows” - Track 5 - the link will show up.

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Some people refer to Prosperous as an album by Planxty as opposed to Christy on his own. But either way, fantastic album.

£600 for an LP !!!

Surprised no-one corrected us both, Paddy. “Prosperous” was actually Christy Moore’s 2nd solo album. He recorded one when he lived in England, I think in the late 60s, entitled “Paddy On The Railroad”, one of the rarest folk records around. One came up on ebay at the end of last year, and I think the reserve price was £600. Not only that, I think it did sell.

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Phew! That’s a hefty price alright! It’s a sickner to someone who left it into a second hand shop though.

Rare indeed

This is one of the only albums where the songs are just as good (if not better than) the tunes. Don’t get me wrong…Linnane and Hill are still better than anything you find today. Thanks for posting this 🙂

Ps Fk

Can’t believe this is the only “Christy” album posted here…must post Live in Dublin tonight when i get home.
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Re: The Iron Behind The Velvet

Great Album, learned “Salmon Tails Up The Water” from this record (follows 1. Patrick Was a Gentleman)