Live-Disc 1

By Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Golden Tooth
    The Farewell March
    Charlie Hardie’s
    Frank Gilruth
    McArthur Road
  2. The Ferry Bridge Clog
    A Salute To Angus Chisholm
    The Maid Of The Castle
    The Kylebrack Rambler
    The Fairy Dance
  3. Torna A Surriento
    Reel For Brenda
    The Flamenco Fling
  4. Bog An Lochan
    Prince Charlie’s
    Gabe Arsenault
  5. Blue Bonnets Over The Border
  6. Welcome To The Trossachs
    Memories Of Winston
    The Highlander’s Farewell To Ireland
    The Gravel Walk
    Colonel Thorton
    The Hurricane
  7. David’s
    Valerie Pringle’s
  8. Coilsfield House
    Mary Scott
    Primrose Lasses
  9. Memories Of Paddy LeBlanc
    Sandy Cameron
    Lucy Campbell
    The Picnic
    Old King’s
    Miss Lyle
    The Contradiction
  10. Last Night’s Fun
    Lord Seaforth’s
    A Winston
    The Olympic

Two comments

Natalie macmaster live disc 1

this pretty much matches the set i saw her perform in eugene, oregon in spring 2002. i much prefer the ceili disc, but she’s an impressive fiddler in the setting of an electric band, too.

This is one of my favorite CDs, granted, it can’t really be called traditional music when taken in this direction. Still, "The Farewell" is so beautiful…