By Alan Stivell

  1. Reflets
  2. Suite Des Montagnes
  3. Marig Ar Pollanton
  4. Broceliande
  5. Son Ar Chistr
  6. Sally Free And Easy
  7. Guy’s
  8. Silvestrig
  9. Tenval An Deiz
  10. Je Suis Ne Au Milieu De La Mer

Two comments

The classic album

Alain at his best back in 1970. Includes most of the classic tunes he played afterwards on many other recordings…

nb: perhaps just a detail but it’s ‘Alan Stivell’ not ‘Alain Stivell’
He was first known under his given name ‘Alain’ Cochevelou alright but he chose the Breton version ‘Alan’ to use with his artist’s name ‘Stivell’ (meaning spring/source) early in his carier.