Musiques Traditionnelles D’Irlande

By The Crickard Brothers

  1. The Road To Sligo
    Tripping Up The Stairs
  2. Farewell To Ireland
  3. Ten Franc Piece
    The Scolair
  4. Muirsheen Duirkeen
  5. Gravel Walk
  6. The Greenfields Of America
    Speed The Plough
    The Merry Blacksmith
  7. High Road To Linton
    Mrs Mc Leod’s
  8. The Pinch Of Snuff
  9. Greenfields Of Rossbeigh
    Corney Is Coming
    Joe Cooley’s
  10. The Jolly Beggarman
    The Hunters Purse
  11. Teetotaler’s
    The Cup Of Tea
  12. The Kid On The Mountain
  13. Cherish The Ladies
    Paddy Clancey’s
    Gillan’s Apples
    Father O’Flynn

Three comments

Fiddles magic.

Hearing is Believing.
Listen to the Crickard brothers live: always a special occasion;
two voices in perfect unison, (like two (twin) sisters singing in one voice if you have had that experience), all soul (and speed!)
Listening to their version of the Pinch of Snuff on radio once upon an evening in the early 80’s was enough to convert me to Irish trad music for the rest of my life.
Having said that, I haven’t actually listen to this album (which was recorded in the predigital days I believe) but when I realised the Crickard brothers didn’t feature in the long list of artists that have recorded the Pinch of Snuff I set out to redress the matter immediately!
I believe they have other stuff / contributions out but I found it hard to trace on the net: could anyone help here?
(They feature on some (commercial) compilation albums too.)
Quotes the distributor of this cd:
The fiddles of the Crickard Brothers blend with Mike’s banjo, Bob’s guitar and Barry’s bodhran in an irresistible Irish dances suite, where vocals share a place of honour.

NB: ‘two voices in perfect unison’ was meant metaphorically -at least partially- since I do not know who sing on the album and as I was talking fiddles just.
ps: Most scholars agree that the brothers were active between South Kiscadale and North Casablanca c.1950-2050 c.e.