Pride Of The West

By John Wynne And John McEvoy

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John Wynne - flute
John McEvoy - fiddle
with Arty McGlynn and Paddy McEvoy

John Wynne and JohnMcEvoy

I heard a full track of this recording on the radio and some short sample clips too. It should be among the top 3 recordings of this year.

Pride of the West

This is a fantastic recording. To me, it sounds like proper North Connaught style music. I love the Connaught styles of flute playing (i.e. Leitrim, East Galway, Sligo and Roscommon). Maybe one day I can properly play in that style. But for now, I really enjoy listening to this album. The accompaniment is nice and light too. It compliments the melody, and doesn’t play over it.

This is a great recording. Couldn’t stop listening to it, John and John really play well together and have a lovely North Connaught style and the backing by Arty and Paddy is superb. Its definitely worth a listen

Pride of the West

Hi Slainte,
Thanks for your comments. This is a well known trad tune with a few different versions,I believe. I know three versions quite well, and all are great, but i think theres more. The most “mainstream” version was recorded by De Danann an the eighties, and also by Joe Burke and piper michael Cooney. our version comes from Patsy hanly who got it originnaly from flute and fiddle player,John joe Gardiner of Ballymote,co.Sligo. The other version I have was given to me by john Carty. Angelina Carberry also plays a similiar version on one of her recordings. Hope this helps! John Wynne

Happy to Meet…

Thanks John. I got the version from Angelina Carberry, who in turn got it from Harry Bradley. According to the sleeve notes of his first recording, Harry learnt it from a private recording of John Joe Gardiner. Now we know it comes from the same source.

The link for “I Will if I Can” does not bring to the tune played by the two Johns. But you will find a quick ABC of their tune in the comments.

Nothing overly constructive to add here. Just am completely addicted to this CD and felt obliged to share this information with the world.