Pressed For Time

By Finlay MacDonald

  1. Died And Gone To Prague
    Lauren McCowan’s
    The Champagne Train
  2. Laride’s
    Suite De Tons Doubles Fisel
  3. The Gown And Apron
    Tending The Cattle With A Heavy Heart
    Would The Minister Not Dance?
  4. Alastair’s Vintage Bar
  5. An Exercise
    The Whistler
  6. Macedonian Tune
  7. My Mighty Friend
  8. Captain McKerrell’s
  9. Bulgarian Red
  10. Barbados Bells
    Willie Murray’s
    Pressed For Time

One comment

Pressed for time

one of the best pipers around…..
Alastair’s Vintage bar is such an amazing tune….someone please submit it!….