Scottish Inheritance

By Bonnie Rideout

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  1. Wilkie’s Footrace
  2. The Stirlin’ March
    Brig’ O’Balgownie
    Shepherd Tartan
  3. Calum Figheadair
    Rinn Mise Agus Ni Mi E A Ris.
  4. Happy Frank
    Alick Young
    The Cairngorm
    The Hurricane
  5. Bonny Bonnie Rideout
    The Prodigy Adam
    Blue Mull Sound
  6. Bert Gonnella’s
    Lizzie Duncan’s Fancy
    Ron Gonnella’s
  7. The Reel O’ Tulloch
  8. Had The Lass Till I Winn At Her
    Blue Britches
    Lady Doll’s Sinclair’s
    Crodh Laoigh Nam Bodach
    Mo Run Geal Og
    Ainnir Nan Gaidheal
  9. The Dark Wood
    Justin’s March
    Who’ll Play The Fiddle?
  10. The Jaunting Car
    Paddy On The Railroad
    The Flying Scotsman
  11. Invergarry Castle
    Sutherland Calquhoun’s
    O As I Was Kissed Yestereen
  12. Marsail Lochinalie

Two comments

Paddy on the Railroad

On the album, the tune is listed as "Paddy on the Railroad," but it’s actually a reel called "The Merry Blacksmith"

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Same tune, but with 2 names- no one knows which name came first. "Merry Blacksmith" may be more common.

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