The Whirlwind

By Paddy Glackin And Robbie Hannan

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  1. The Bonnie Bunch Of Ferns
    The Repeal Of The Union
  2. The Young Tom Ennis
    The Maid At The Well
  3. An Rogaire Dubh
    Dessie O’Connor’s
  4. The Liverpool
    The Stacks Of Barley
  5. Miss Ramsey
    I’m Waiting For You
  6. Father O’Flynn
    The Munster
  7. An Lon Dubh
  8. The Rambling Pitchfork
    The Walls Of Liscarroll
  9. The Dispute At The Crossroads
    The Jolly Tinker
  10. Munster Buttermilk
    Health To The Ladies
  11. The Dublin
    Boil The Breakfast Early
  12. The Cook In The Kitchen
    The Wandering Minstrel
  13. The Dogs Amongst The Bushes
    The Glen Road To Carrick
  14. Old Tipperary
    An Phis Fhliuch
  15. Trim The Velvet
    Kitty’s Gone A’ Milking

Eight comments

well,dirk - what’s it like?

Heh. Perhaps he doesn’t want to say, since Robbie Hannan is a The Session member. *grin* I know Dirk likes it, though. 🙂


now that’s something useful for me,you see!
i’m not in the happy position that i can buy too many albums purely on spec so i really appreciate it when people take the trouble to post a comment after they’ve taken the trouble to enter a recording.
i know that people have different tatstes and all that but any sort of comment would be appreciated rather than just see a ‘no comments’ flag - i might give this a whirl now,just on the strength of dirk’s approval!

Seidean Si

Funny, I have this same recording, but titled “Seidean Si” (sorry - add fada over first e, a and second i !!). Which literally means Fairy Gust, so something more like Whirligig or whirlwind I suppose.

Odd though - Are albums with Irish names being marketed with an English title outside Ireland?

“One of the best albums ever!” - Sorry ‘ecumenical’, I disagree. I just wish they had played their wonderful music at a more relaxed pace!

The Whirlwind - aptly named! The fairies must have been really huffin’ away, fanning the fire under these two. Brilliant.