The Whirlwind

By Paddy Glackin And Robbie Hannan

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well,dirk - what’s it like?

Heh. Perhaps he doesn’t want to say, since Robbie Hannan is a The Session member. *grin* I know Dirk likes it, though. 🙂


now that’s something useful for me,you see!
i’m not in the happy position that i can buy too many albums purely on spec so i really appreciate it when people take the trouble to post a comment after they’ve taken the trouble to enter a recording.
i know that people have different tatstes and all that but any sort of comment would be appreciated rather than just see a ‘no comments’ flag - i might give this a whirl now,just on the strength of dirk’s approval!

Seidean Si

Funny, I have this same recording, but titled "Seidean Si" (sorry - add fada over first e, a and second i !!). Which literally means Fairy Gust, so something more like Whirligig or whirlwind I suppose.

Odd though - Are albums with Irish names being marketed with an English title outside Ireland?

"One of the best albums ever!" - Sorry ‘ecumenical’, I disagree. I just wish they had played their wonderful music at a more relaxed pace!

The Whirlwind - aptly named! The fairies must have been really huffin’ away, fanning the fire under these two. Brilliant.

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