Music From The Heart

By Pius MacIsaac

  1. Andrea And Allison’s
    Canada Day
  2. Cheryl Smith’s March
    Michelle MacLean
  3. Marina Cant’s
    Shoneth MacInnis’s
    Favorite Flirtation
    MacDonalds From East Street
  4. Patrick Gillis
    Birch Street
    Scott Macmillan
  5. Hector The Hero
  6. Cock O’ The North
    Fighting 59th
    Road To The Isles
  7. Kitchener’s Army
    Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
    The Haughs Of Cromdale
    Pigeon On The Gate
    Little Donald’s Wife
    Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart
    Little Donald In The Pigpen
  8. Lisa Rankin’s
    Celtic Crew
    Jennifer William’s
  9. Ceilidh Revue March
    Saint Ann’s
    Old Smith’s
  10. Natalie & Donnell’s Wedding
  11. Stirling Castle
    Dr. Shaw
    Rachel Rae
    Primrose Lasses
    Lady Muir MacKenzie
  12. Fred Wilson’s Clog
    The Clumsy Lover
    Big John MacNeil
  13. Willie Of Winsbery

Two comments

“Pius MacIsaac: Music From The Heart”
“MacIsaac’s compositions touch just about everything that touches him”
- Frank MacDonald, The Oran


Pius MacIsaac: Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle
Patrick Gillis: Guitar (#1, 6, 12 - lead guitar #11)
Ian MacDougall: Fiddle (#7)
Mac Morin: Piano (#7)
Heather Richards: Piano (#13)
Jeannie Beks: Vocals (#13)

“Pius MacIsaac is one of the gentlest souls in this world. His music, which is his passion, has been shared selflessly with a multitude of people over the years. This CD, Music From The Heart, is a dream come true for Pius. Many of his talented friends have come together to make this dream a reality. Pius is a much sought-after accompanist for many fiddlers and is at his best when ‘a-chording’ to the tunes. On this album you will hear his driving guitar rhythms and great solo numbers - including many of his own compositions. Music From The Heart is a CD that everyone will love to add to their collection. Great work Pius - your dream has finally come true!”

- Mary Janet MacDonald

* Hopefully the blanks (unknown) will be filled in over time… 😏

Sadly, at the moment, I haven’t the recording to chase up names for the unknown tunes…