Midnight On The Water

By The Kings River Band

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Midnight on the Water

This album was recorded between October 1994 and January 1995 and distributed by Beaumex Music who, at the time anyway, were based in Walkinstown (my own hunting ground no less!) in Dublin.

The players are from Waterford in the sunny south east of Ireland and take their name from a river in Wicklow (the Garden of Ireland). It seems to me that, although I would say that they have been playing together for a long time, they are playing like they would in a session. It doesn’t sound like a professional recording per say but there is a lot of drive in the arrangement and the musicians are fairly good. Heres the list of musicians anyway:

Tadhg O’Sullivan: Fiddle
Noel Kennedy: Accordion, Flute, Whistle
Eric Greaves: Mandolin, Banjo
Shay O’Brien: Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Cahill: Guitar (tracks 2 and 14)

Special Guest: Greg O’Hanlon (tracks 5 and 11)

I really like Tadhg’s fiddle playing. He reminds me of Kevin Rohan. Noel Kennedy puts a great bit of whistle playing onto track 5 were Greg sings The Nobleman’s Wedding. As a banjo player, I don’t think Eric Greaves is anything special but the blend is nice and he fits into the group here. Shay’s singing is good too but much different to Greg’s and he even sings an old time song on the final track. His guitar accompaniment isn’t too overpowering either and again, makes a nice addition to the blend of instruments.

I would reccomend this album as a light hearted bit of music to listen too. They all seem like they are enjoying themselves as is a little like "Across the Pond" (on a much smaller scale though, across the pond was phenomenal!).

Same album title

`Midnight on the water `was also the title of an excellent album by the David Bromberg Band released on Colombia in 1975,which featured a wide range of musical types including Irish tunes ,bluegrass etc.

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