The Gathering

By Kathryn Tickell

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  1. Raincheck
  2. Lads Of Alnwick
    Sunderland Lasses
    Peacocks March
  3. Redesdale
  4. La Betaille Dans La Petit Arbre
  5. The Gathering
  6. Kate’s House
  7. Real Blues
  8. St.Kilda Wedding
  9. Green Brechans O’Branton
    I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me
  10. Tune For Matt Robson
  11. Mr Nelson’s Birthday

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A bargain purchase

Bought at a recent concert given by Kathryn Tickell band for the princely sum of £2. New unopened cassette. During the 2nd half they complained that they had not charged enough. All cassettes were sold that evening. Smashing concert.

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‘The Gathering’ track 5

The line-up on this cassette is:

Kathryn Tickell - Northumbrian Pipes and Fiddle
Ian Carr - Guitar
Neil Harland - Bass
Paul Flush - piano on tracks 3 & 11
Brendan Power - harmonica on tracks 7 & 8

Most of the tunes are written by Kathryn and I qote from the sleeve notes re.track no. 5 composed by her called “The Gathering”,
“the Gathering is named after a wonderful festival in Cork where the organisers, either out of musical curiosity or sheer devilment, seem to spend all year dreaming up unlikely musical pairings. On arrival at the festival we poor, unsuspecting musicians are told who we are expected to duet with over the weekend’s concerts. the fact that we may never have met, may not be in the same key and have hardly any time to rehearse adds a certain degree of nervous excitement! One of my unexpected duet partners was harmonica player, Brendon Power - you’ll hear the results later on………..“The Real Blues Reel” was written by Brendon Power. Shortly after I heard this tune for the very first time, Brendon and I were on stage in Cork playing it!”

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Freaky, I just came on here to find this very record, and it was top of the new submissions list.

My favourite is Raincheck. Im guessing from the title this is an original composition?

According to one on-line review I’ve seen, it’s one of hers.