The Surprise

By Pauline Cato And Tom McConville

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  1. Jessie’s
  2. The Mystic Policeman
    The Journeyman Tailor
  3. The Auld Wheel
    Miss Thornton’s
    Rolling In The Rye Grass
  4. The Glen Aln
    The Champion
  5. Azalea
  6. Hadrian’s Wall
    The Helicopter
    Holey Ha’penny
  7. Little Jenny
    The Surprise
  8. Catgut Jim The Fiddler
  9. Will Atkinson’s Sunglasses
    St Joseph’s
  10. Archie’s Fancy
  11. The City Of Savannah
    The South Shore
  12. The Fisher’s Fairwell To The Coquet
  13. Sir Sidney Smith’s March (+ Variations)
  14. Jessie Smith

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The Surprise

Northumbrian Pipes (Pauline Cato) and Fiddle (Tom McConville) songs and tunes from NE England and Ireland