Major Third

By 422

  1. Finska
  2. Paddy’s Leather Britches
    The Breakdown
    The Stool Of Repentance
  3. Del Caro’s
    Peveril Castle
  4. McDermott’s
  5. Lopez
  6. Levantine’s Barrel
    I Married A Wife Yet I Did Not
    Doctor Morrison’s Seven Thistles
  7. The Golden Rooster
    East Winds
  8. Trip To Scarborough
    Himlen’s Polska
  9. The Culfadda
    Mary Clare
    Archie Menzies
  10. Ost Og Brød
    Sounds Of The Underground
  11. Young Scottie
    Jim Anderson’s Favourite
  12. Return From Helsinki
    Schottis Efter Magnus

Six comments

No link to "Levantine’s Barrel" although the tune appears under that name in the Tunes section.

Link fixed

Just established the link by copying and pasting the name from the recording into the alternative names listings - daft I know but it worked.

I can’t see the difference either!


I also just fixed Paddy’s Leather Britches

Tune links

Thanks guys - that one puzzled me too !

Re: Major Third

If anyone is looking for this album on Amazon or trying to find it on You-Tube, it’s listed as being by 442 rather than 422 for some odd reason…