Colin Grant

By Colin Grant

  1. Alex MacEachern’s
    Prince Of Wales
    Christy Campbell’s
    Michael Rankin’s
    Edinburgh Rock
  2. Jackie And Mamie’s
    F.X. Kennedy
  3. Newmill Brig
    Sir John Whiteford’s
    J.H. Alexander
    Lady Gordon Of Gordonstown
  4. La Reel De La Baie Sainte-Marie
    La Reel A Dan
    Big John MacNeil
  5. The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow
    Jerry Holland’s
    Jerry’s Pipe
  6. Trolley’s
    Balmoral Castle
    Ruidhlidh Na Colich Dhubha
  7. There’s A Lady
  8. Old Adam
    The Price Of A Pig
    The 3rd Period
    Marie MacInnes’
  9. The Bee’s Wing
    Lady Madelina Sinclair’s Birthday
    Memories Of Dan Beaton
    Colonel McBain
    Touch Me If You Dare
  10. A Night In Skye
    Lights Out At Glencoe
    Welcome Sara Malaney
    Good Boy Yourself
    The Lion’s Den
    The Bride’s
  11. Bobby Cuthbertson
    The Cottonwood
    The Castle
  12. Lady Charlotte Bruce
    Duchess Of Athole
    Yester HOuse
    Lady Erskine
    Miss McLauchlan
    Jenny Sutton’s
  13. The Model T
    Little Sara
    Anthony’s Hill
  14. Killecrankie
  15. Clochandicter
    Daft Willie Dawson
    Iggie And Squiggie
    Sir David Davidson Of Cantray
    Johnnie Findlay

Two comments

Excellent recording, nice mix of Cape Breton and Acadian styles.

Castle Hornpipe

The Castle on here links to the Kesh Jig….. but it is actually the Castle hornpipe.