Ón Dá Thaobh / From Both Sides

By Niamh Ni Charra

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From Both Sides

Have a look at Asda for cheapest cd.

Niamh grew up in Killarney, surrounded by a wealth of Sliabh Luachra musicians and has been playing almost all her life. Following eight years touring the world with Riverdance as the featured fiddler and introducing Riverdance audiences to the concertina along the way, she has returned to Ireland where she is now based. This album, her first, is the result and draws on her experiences so far. The release in her native Ireland has brought great critical acclaim and her tour to support the release has made her a firm favourite on the live music scene. Featuring Brendan Begley, Mike Galvin, Robbie Harris, Eoghan O’Neill, Conor Sheil and Cathal Synnott

Don’t suppose there will be any gigs happening in October in Ireland by any chance??

I like her style. she plays some quite virtuoso stuff eg The R3egondi piece. Does she play jeffries C/G Concertina?

Re: “Niamh Ni Charra: Ón Dá Thaobh / From Both Sides”

Obvious the time and effort to accomplish this level and control of playing, fiddle and tina, appreciated, if not for composition or the end results, this recording. It’s far too quirky and eccentric in too many ways for my liking ~ my opinion ~ and barely a twitch of a want for my feet to involuntarily tap… There’s too much Riverdance influence here and not a lotta Sliabh Luachra, if any ~ weird medleys, odd sets and ways, choppy, including one of the worst commercial takes on slides I’ve ever heard… 😛 But hey, I can’t complain too loudly as it only cost me 19 pence…

I suspect, a little disappointed, maybe one or two more listens and then I’ll pass it on to someone who might like the way this is hammered out, the accompaniments, and her individual way with the bow and the keys… I prefer more ‘dance’ in the music, something my feet would involuntarily tap out in rhythm with, that would make me want to rise up and dance, or play along. Sometimes, almost, then I realize it’s to some of the accompaniments… And the visit to Hungary was also missing any understanding of that dance tradition, and then that medley segways oddly into a reel, “The Gravel Walks”. Nah, sorry, it’s just way too weird and clunky.