Happy To Meet Sorry To Part

By Horslips

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The famous concertina shaped album

this is the first recording i’ve submitted. since they screwed around with the tunes a bit in places i just gave the name of the tune they used and the name they gave it.

also if anyone knows the names of the tunes on scalloway ripoff could they let me know.

The Scalloway Ripoff set probably includes a reel called The Scalloway Lasses - one of the better-known Shetland reels. (Scalloway is a small but ancient village in Shetland; it has a few tunes called after it, but The Scalloway Lasses is the most widely known.)

I think Horslips listened to albums of the Tyneside-based High Level Ranters made in the late Sixties, and chose to record at least three of the tunes played on Ranters records; these were Sir John Fenwick’s The Flower Among Them All, Dance To Your Daddy, and The Scalloway Lasses (which the Ranters played in a Shetland set also including The Underhill and De’il Stick The Minister).

I’ll change tack: The Scalloway Ripoff probably contains at least one of -
The Underhill
The Scalloway Lasses
De’il Stick The Minister
- i.e., they could have run with one of the tunes that *wasn’t* The Scalloway Lasses…

How complicated life is!