The View Across The Valley

By The Brady Family

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  1. The View Across The Valley
    The Honeymoon
    Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh
  2. The Marathon
    The Meelaghan Poet
  3. The Row In The Kitchen
  4. The Finter
    The Ely O’Carroll
  5. The Pipe On The Hob
    The Famine Farewell
  6. The Galway
    The Thatched Pub
    Poll And Mhadra Uisce
  7. St Cecelia’s Lament
  8. The Killeigh
    A Builder Of Bridges
  9. Father John’s Jubilee
    The Banks Of The Brosna
  10. Leddy From Cavan
  11. The Poor House Lamentation
    When Evening Shadows Fall
  12. The Golden Wedding
  13. Christmas Eve In London
  14. Gerdie Commane’s
    The Abbey
  15. A Lament For Mother
  16. The Doonagore
    Frank Hill
    Hughie Travers’ Reel No.2
  17. Strike The Gay Harp
    Scatter The Mud
    The Battering Ram

Five comments

John Brady’s compositions

This recording has many of John Brady’s compositions, reels, jigs, hornpipes, airs, a set dance, waltzes.
The sleeve notes go into good detail about all the tunes, explaining the sources etc.

I heard a track from this on “The Late Session” recently. Really nice sound. One that I’ll have to get my hands on.