Lios A ’Cheoil

By Tom And Kerry Barrett

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  1. Gan Ainm
    The Green Cottage
    Pat Enright’s
  2. Morrison’s
    Larry O’Gaff
    Behind The Haystack
  3. Madam Maxwell
  4. Da Auld Resting Chair
  5. The Drunken Gauger
    Miss Brown’s Fancy
  6. The Poppy Leaf
    The Last Of The Twins
  7. The Creaking Door
  8. The March Of The Leprechauns
    Mount Cashel’s Brigade
  9. Sliabh Geal gCua
    The Garden Of Daisies
  10. The Leitrim
    The Sword In Hand
  11. The Hurling Boys
    Rub The Bag
  12. Richard Brennan’s
    The Banks Of The Ilen
  13. Captain O’Kane
    Mrs Edwards
  14. Sliabh Na mBan
  15. The Tipperary Hills
    The Joys Of The Chase
  16. Bedford Cross
    Biddy The Darling
    Gale Bridge
  17. Rhattigan’s
    The Reconciliation
  18. The Grand Ould Man
    Johnnie Cope
    The Wren’s
  19. The Cumberland
    Captain White
  20. Lios A’ Cheoil
    The Bedford
    Johnnie Box

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Lios A ’Cheoil by Tom And Kerry Barrett

Tom And Kerry Barrett (father and son) play fiddles, accompanied by Paul de Grae on guitar. This CD was released in 2002.