Racket In The Rectory

By Liz Doherty And Fiddlesticks

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Racket in the Rectory

This is an album in a league of its own. From the sleeve notes:

"One of the most interesting developments to come out of the Music Department at University College Cork in recent years has been the establishment by Liz Doherty of a band of traditional fiddles. After many succesful public performances (including one for the American Ambassador to Ireland, Mrs Jean Kennedy-Smith, in 1997), this is their first recording.

Fiddlesticks play with tremendous verve. They give exciting and compelling performances. The sound of unison violins has a distinctive cutting edge that produces a unique incisive and dynamic energy. I hope that you will share the enjoyment, commitment, dedication and vitality these young students bring to the performance of a significant musical genre.

David Harold Cox
Professor of Music
University College Cork"

The make up of the group are Liz Doherty with fiddlers:

Marie Clarke, Maria Cotter, Ita Cunningham (Piano), Patricia Dooley, Clare Fitzpatrick, Sheila Garry, Aoife Granville, Nigel Grufferty, Imogen Gunner, Yvonne Leahy, Lisa Morey, Tara Ní Chonacháin, Carmel O’Dea, Meabh O’Hare and Louise Phelan.

There is plenty of Cape Breton, Scottish, Shetland and Donegal/Northern music on the album and some nice tunes at that. Compositions include those of Jerry Holland, Don R. McDonald, Brendan McGlinchy, John Morris Rankin, Allie Bennett, Gordon McLean, Clare McLaughlin, John McCusker and Andy Thorburn.

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There have been no comments yet for "Liz Doherty and Fiddlesticks: Racket in the Rectory". I thought this was a marvellous CD. The idea was great and it works very well and the tunes are just fantastic. Here’s the link:


I’d really appreciate your comments and feedback. Thanks.

notes from Footstompin:

1. Lime Hill/Sarah’s Fiddle/Sarah’s Fiddle/The Mortgage Burn
This set of tunes comes from the fiddle tradition of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

2. Gallagher’s March/My Friend Sharon

Gallagher’s March is a 6/8 march from the Donegal tradition. My Friend Sharon was written by Clare McLaughlin, the great Scottish fiddle player from the band Deaf Shepherd.

3. Krapulakatrilli
Liz learned this tune during a trip to Finland a few years ago.

4. The Unst Bridal March
A slow tune from the island of Unst in the north of Shetland

5. Kantara to El Arish/Traditional Strathspey/The Trip to WindsorThe Devil’s Delight/Hull’s Reel
This pipe march and strathspey come from the playing of a great family of musicians from Sydney Mines, Cape Breton - the Barra MacNeils.

6. Untitled/Untitled/Cataroni
traditional Shetland jigs

7. The Reel of Joy
Taught to us by fiddler Jock Tyldesley

8. John Steven of Chance Inn/Ross’ Reel No. 4/Frank’s Reel
This is a set of tunes learned directly and indirectly from various Scottish sources

9. Untitled/Untitled/Willa Fyord/Sleep Sound in da Morning
Some Shetland reels.

10. Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast
Andy Thorburn, multi-instrumentalist and piano player with Scotland’s fine fiddle band, Blazin’ Fiddles, wrote this slow tune.

11. Armagh Bhreagh/Nettles in the Bed
Fiddlesticks favourites.

12. A Travers la Vitre/La Cuisiniere/Reel de la Main Blanche
These three reels come from the playing of the brilliant French-Canadian band, La Bottine Souriante. We’re still working on the accompanying foot-tapping patterns!

13. John Pellarine’s Strathspey/David White’s Reel/CBC’s Glen & Carl/Just Cruising/Iggy & Squiggy
This set of tunes was composed by fiddle maestro Jerry Holland from Cape Breton Island.

14. Waiting for Emile/Michael Turner’s
Liz learned the first tune from the playing of the Schryer Triplets from Ontario.