Champions Of The North

By Dezi Donnelly And Mike Goldrick

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  1. Mother’s Delight
    Martin Wynne’s
    The Red Bee
  2. The Resting Chair
    Kilty Town
  3. The Rat In The Thatch
    John Brady’s No 2
  4. The Miller’s Maggot
    Late Night Horror
  5. Charlie Lennon’s
    The Boys Of The Lough
    Brendan McGlinchey’s No 1
    The Sailor’s Bonnet
  6. If It Wasn’t For Her
    Rathlin Island
    Mama’s Pet
  7. The Teetotaler
    St Anne’s
  8. Acid

Two comments

Champions Of The North

An early recording from Manchester’s finest. This recording produced in 1995, from some early stuff circa 1984.

The early stuff is from 1989 no?