Chance Or Design

By The Easy Club

  1. Black Is The Colour
  2. The North Sea Chinaman
    The Linguist
  3. This For That
  4. Neal Slessor Thomson
    The Desert March
  5. The Eyemouth Disaster
  6. The Quiet Man
    Erse For Alba
  7. Isle Of Ewe
    The Dhu Hill
    The 40% Rule
    Auld Wattie
  8. The Diamond
  9. West Pilton Circus
    The Pumpherston
  10. Chance Or Design
  11. The Long Distance Runner
    Bodhran Solo

One comment

2nd album of Scottish group. One of LPs I played most!
I love the gipsy-swing guitar backing style - if you do not like it that’s not your pair of shoes here.