Toss The Feathers

By Mountain Dew

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Toss the Feathers

Fredrik Lidin: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Thomas Hagby: Accordion, Keyboard, Vocals
Lars Svensson: Flute, Vocals
Martin Fürst: Drums, Bodhran
Björn Ericson: Fiddle, Bass, Banjo
Henrik Cederblom: Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

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These guys are great!

Stand out tracks include the "Jenny Picking Cockles" and "Humours of Whiskey" sets.

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Tune ID

Still not sure on both of the "Unknown" tunes (track 5), or on the tune called "McKenna’s" (track 10). Any help?

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Re: Toss The Feathers

Just added tune info for the first jig on track 5, it’s The Coleraine.
For the other unknown tune on track 5, the reel, can it be ?
Maybe someone can identify?