Celtic Celebration

By Dirk Freymuth

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I do wish people entering recordings would always say something about them, even if it’s only where the artiste / band is based and what instruments are played.

Something about this recording

Well, here’s what I know. I bought this at Target, it’s part of the Lifescapes "world traveler" collection. The Lass of Glenshee sounds like smooth jazz and Paddy’s is also a jazzy arrangement. They have some kind of drum backbeat on a few of the tunes, sounds a lot like adult contemporary "Celtic flavor" rather than traditional Irish music in my opinion. However, overall a good reference and I’m glad I got it. The instruments played, as listed on the cd, are:
Violin, Viola: Helen Rae
Uillean Pipes, Highland Pipes, Whistles: Eric Rigler
Percussioin: Jimi Englund
Guitars, Bass, Bouzouki: Dirk Freymuth

Dirk freymuth

It also says Dirk Freymuth, the producer, has a doctoral degree in Early Music Performance from the University of Southern California and is now an adjunct professor in Historical Performance Practice at Claremont Graduate University in Los Angeles.

Belgrove Road is an original track composed by him, the rest of the tunes are traditional.

Good wishes, Nick.

I think this one was a follow-up to "Celtic Passion"- which is overall a very good album, surprisingly…. ‘serious’- not sure how else to describe it.

Re: Belgrove Road

Hi Kirill. You can private-message Jeremy, and he can delete it for you.

Re: Belgrove Road

Thanks. I’ll Let him know.