Contentment Is Wealth

By Matt Molloy And Sean Keane

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Re: Contentment Is Wealth

1985 recording I believe. Matt Molloy, Flute; Sean Keane, Fiddle; Arty McGlynn, Guitar.

the greatest album of all time. bar none.

Farewell to Ireland

The listing this links to is wrong - it should be this

D2 (3FED FA~A2|fedf edBc|dBAF G2GB|AGFD EDEA|
D2 (3FED FA~A2|fedf edBc|dBAF G2GB|1 AGFD EDDA,:|2 AGFE EDDA||
|:defg ~a3f|g2fg eA (3cBA|defg afdf|gefd eAef|
defg ~a3f|g2fg eABc|dBAF G2GB|1 AGFD EDDA:|2 AGFD EDDA,||

Jig Suites tracks 10 & 13

Be careful if you click on the titles in this jig suite. The Vincent Campbell’s you’ll get to if you click that title is not the jig played on the album. It’s a mazurka called (cryprtically enough) “The Irish”. The correct jig also bears the title “Australian Waters” and though it’s scored in 6/8 on this site I’m fairly sure it’s a 12/8 jig.
The second jig is a slip jig but bears no resemblance whatsoever to the “Swaggerin‘ jig” posted here (with the chance exception of the last measure but one in the ’B‘ part). The “Swaggbgerin’ Jig” posteed here is also variously known as “The Fair of Bellahy” and “Give us a Drink of Water”. It get’s confusing because I’ve a version of the jig as played on the album which also carries that last title. Here is the abc for the tune as played:
X: 14
T:Swaggering Jig, The
R:slip jig
D:Matt Molloy & Sean Keane: Contentment is Wealth
GBd gdc BAG|BdB cAG ~A3|GBd gdc BAG|1 BcA BGF G2D:|2 BcA BGF G2d||
~g3 efg fed|~g3 efg a2f|~g3 bag fed|efg agf g2d|
~g3 efg fed|~g3 efg ~a3|bag agf ged|efg agf gdB||

It apparently was transcribed from the album by Chris Ricker and I found it in Book 4 of his abc collection.

Lasty, on this track, if you click on the Holly Bush in the title list under “Details” you’ll get to a reel and not to a jig at all! Here is the jig played on this excellent album:
X: 25
T:Holly Bush, The
Z:Devin McCabe
BAG G2D|~G3 ABc|BAG edc|B/c/d B cBA|
!BAG GDG|GDG ABc|BAG ed^c|def g2d:|
!gdd gdd|gdd dcB|Acc Acc|Acc cBA|
!~B3 cdc|BAG Fdc|BAG edB|def g3:|

In track 13 the link to Connie O’Connell’s takes you to a reel of that name (aka “the Torn Jacket”). The version below is closer but not exactly as played:

T:Connie O’Connell’s
Z: id:dc-jig-24
K:G Major
BGG ADD|BAG ABc|dge fed|cAF G2:|!
A|GBd g3|fed cAF|GBd g3|faf g3|!
faf gfe|fed cAG|faf gfe|ded dc:|!

I’d love to have a crack at transcribing the Seamus Ennis jig but not today. All the best. Patrick

Track 11

I believe that this medley opens with “Dargai” and is then followed by two hornpipes.
There is no reference to Dargai in and I believe that its due to the particular time setting. Its nevertheless worth mentionning…

Track 11 (again)

Sorry, its followed by a strathspey and a hornpipe…

Note track 2 only has two tunes not three, although the album sleeve notes claim there are three. The tune “McDonagh’s” is not present. The Tommy Gunn tune is also known as the Opera Reel

Just curious

How do you know it’s “McDonagh’s” which is missing and not “McGettrick’s” ?

Re Dargai

Sean Keane’s playing of Dargai is dreadful. I’ve no idea where he learned his version but it is just as well its been left off the tune list

Sean Keane Photo

That’s not Sean Keane the fiddle player. That’s Sean Keane, Dolores Keane’s brother, also a singer.

Re: Contentment Is Wealth

I’d like to add to the note on track 13. patchsong (member 21892) is correct. The tune identified as Connie O‘Connell’s is actually found on the Session as Michael Dwyer’s. Dwyer called it ’The restless boy". Henrik Nordberg transcribes it as Jig-165 Connie O’Connels.