Gentle Breeze

By Various Artists

  1. George White’s Favourite
    The Sligo Maid
  2. Hynes’s March
    Johnny Harling’s
    Lasses Of Ballintra
  3. Seamus Ennis’
    Connie O’Connell’s
  4. Raibh T
  5. Gan Ainm
  6. Gwerz Ar Marc’ Hadourig Bihan
    Autrefois Disait Un Guerrier
    Ton D
  7. Christy Barry’s Set
  8. Kitty In The Lane
    Captain Kelly
    The Green Mountain
  9. The Sunset
  10. John Brady’s
    The High
    Martin Wynne’s
  11. The Humours Of Ballinahinch
    The Mourne Mountains
  12. Paddy’s In Chicago
    The Ceili Bandit
  13. O’Carolan’s Farewell To Music

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Gentle Breeze

Is this the rather anonymous flute and whistle album? I thought it was surprisingly good. Great selection. The O’Carolan Farewell track is beautiful.

Is this the one from australia?? Does anyone know?

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Gentle breeze

I noticed this was posted in 2002. You probably have the info if you even read this. It’s a compilation album by GREEN LINNET artists. I recognise a couple of the Deanta tacks of it. An raibh tu and The ceili bandit!!