Turning The Tune

By Charlie Lennon

Two comments

Tracks 1-15 are tunes from the tradition (or composed tunes assimilated into the tradition), tracks 16-30 are Charlie’s own compositions. Charlie plays fiddle, viola, piano, harpsichord, bass and keyboards and he’s supported by Brian McGrath (piano, banjo), Frank Kilkelly (guitar), Eilis Lennon (fiddle), Brian Lennon (flute), Johhny Og Connolly (accordion), Johnny Connolly (melodeon), Steve Simmons (guitar) and Emmett Gill (pipes).

Released on the Clo Iar-Chonnachta label. CICD 166


Whoops http://www.cic.ie

Also meant to add that this is a double album, with tracks 1-15 on disc one and 16-30 on disc two.