A Tribute To Andy McGann

By Joe Burke, Brian Conway And Felix Dolan

  1. Tony Molloy’s
    The Humours Of Castlelyons
  2. Crowley’s #1
    Crowley’s #2
  3. The Cliff
    The Sunshine
  4. The House In The Glen
    Coleman’s Maid On The Green
  5. The Flogging
    Boys Of The Lough
  6. Bantry Bay
    The Bantry
  7. Miss Lyon’s Fancy
    The New-Mown Meadow
  8. The Blackbird
  9. Carolan’s Draught
  10. The Old Grey Goose
  11. The Bunch Of Currants
    The Ballinamore
  12. Kitty, Come Down To Limerick
    The Kid On The Mountain
  13. The Coolin
    The Fisherman’s Island
  14. The Luckpenny
    The Pipe On The Hob
  15. Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  16. The Queen Of The Fair
    The Maid In The Meadow
  17. The Bucks Of Oranmore
    Reidy Johnson’s
    The Bucks Of Oranmore

Two comments

A poignant follow-up to Joe Burke. Andy McGann and Felix Dolan’s Tribute To Michael Coleman.

Charlie Lennon provides his usual sensitive piano accompaniment on track 6.

Released in 2007 on the Clo Iar-Chonnachta label. CICD 168.


Tribute to Andy McGann

Molloy’s (track 1) links to the wrong tune - any ideas which is the correct one (a jig)?

What are the reels on ‘Crowley’s’ on track 2?