In Concert

By Clannad

  1. Ó Bhean An Tí
  2. Fairies
    Stack Of Wheat
  3. A Neansaí Mhíle Grá
  4. Mhaire Bruineall
  5. Planxty Burke
  6. An GioBog
  7. Down By The Sally Gardens
  8. Níl Sé Ina Lá

Two comments

Famous version of the "Sally Gardens" and a half LP long live version of "Nil Se INa La".
AFAIK the only important (live) recording ver of irtrad made in Switzerland!

In track 2 the second hornpipe is named on the cover as "Off to California", but that’s another tune for sure.
I set the name now to the one the tune is known worldwide.
Some people have copied the error like the Swiss band "Pint" on one of their CD and I play it there under the "wrong" name as guest piper …